Hiring Summer Students

Habitat for Humanity Moncton will be hiring returning students for the 2018 Summer season. We are currently looking to fill the following positions with support from the NB SEED Program and Canada Summer Jobs:


1. ReStore Associate: 
The ReStore Associate will work 5 days a week between Monday and Saturday, and will work directly with the Habitat for Humanity

ReStore Manager and along-side other staff to provide great customer service to customers and donors. The ReStore Associate will also be able to do the following:

  • be a good team player
  • able to lift 50lbs
  • clean, repair and test merchandise
  • put and move merchandise on the floor
  • available to work 5 days a week between Monday and Saturday
  • janitorial duties
  • load and unload items in and out of cars
  • assist in loading and unloading donation truck

Habitat for Humanity Moncton is an inclusive employer and is seeking someone who is willing to contribute to a larger mission.

2. Marketing + Communications Coordinator
The Marketing + Communications Coordinator will work 5 days a week between Monday and Saturday, and will work directly with the Community Development Manager and the ReStore Manager to do the following:

  • create social media content
  • assist in creating content for the website
  • assist in planning events for the store
  • assist in planning events for the affiliate
  • assist in developing sales and promotion strategies
  • participate in team meetings
  • research
  • hands-on learning
  • create and promote DIY projects and other side projects as directed by the Executive Director

We are seeking someone who is inspired, creative, out-going, curious, flexible, adaptable, ambitious, willing to learn and willing to share their ideas and knowledge. We are an inclusive employer and seeking someone who wants to have employment that is directly related to their studies and possible future career.

Interested applicants are encouraged submit their resumes as-soon-as-possible at:
– 950 Mountain Road, Moncton
– chantal@habitatmoncton.com
(506) 381-7409

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