Meet Laurie Guerrette Arsenault

I’m Laurie, owner of a very new online store, Freckled Finds Shoppe. I have been immersed in the arts since a young age. I started taking oil painting lessons at 8 years old, followed with more drawing and painting classes as a teenager. I went on to obtain a bachelor of Fine Arts in photography and sculpture, and a Diploma in Graphic Design. I then worked in the marketing industry for several years. Almost five years ago, I opened my own Graphic Design business Skopéo Studio and this Spring I began preparing for another startup as well. Freckled Finds Shoppe focuses on another passion of mine: vintage gems and repurposed objects into one-of-a-kind items.

When I heard of Chair for Charity, I thought how it was right up my alley. Habitat for Humanity has a selection of goods just waiting to be given a new life. Transforming an item into a better version of itself is so satisfying. All of this, being for a good cause, is the cherry on top.

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