About Our Program 6036188959_0b19a443ff_b Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that builds houses with the help of their partner families, volunteers and local labourers using donations from individuals, groups and organizations. Habitat offers partner families no-interest mortgages which makes the cost of living in their home very affordable. Qualifying families will participate in an selection process by the Family Selection Committee where: need, ability to pay for and maintain the house, and willingness to partner are considered. Those that qualify must submit a cover letter, credit report, home owners application, expenses, and employment verification if they wish to begin the application process. Habitat for Humanity strongly believes that everyone deserves a safe, decent, and affordable place to live and with the cooperative efforts of partner families, volunteers, and professional trades people, we hope to end the cycle of poverty.

How to Qualify: Homeownership

If you or a family you know have ever dreamed of purchasing your own home but do not qualify for a traditional mortgage, you may be eligible for an interest free mortgage from Habitat for Humanity Moncton Area.

If you can answer yes to the following 5 questions, you could be one step closer to pre-qualifying!

  1. Do you have a need to move from your current living accommodations (too small, too big, unsafe, unhealthy)?
  2. Do you currently have employment or disability income for at least the past 2-3 years?
  3. Have a total household gross income that falls within one of the following brackets AND family size:
    • 2 people: $26,748 – $38,185
    • 3 people: $32,888 – $46,362
    • 4 people: $39,926 – $52,583
    • 5 people: $45,282 – $59,304
    • 6 people: $51,073 – $66,02
  4. Do you have an acceptable credit rating (including not having declared bankruptcy within the last 3 years)?
  5. Are you willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity Moncton Area by volunteering 500 hours in building your new home or in the ReStore?



Selection Process

The Family Selection Committee interviews families using the following guidelines:

  1. Need:
    • What are the family’s present living conditions?
    • Can the family afford a house without Habitat’s assistance?
    • Does the family’s total income fall within the low-income guidelines?
  2. Ability to pay for the house:
    • A partner family must be able to afford the house payments.
    • The main family wage earner must have stable employment with one employer for a minimum of 3 years.
    • The total of mortgage, insurance, taxes and utilities should be 30-35% of the family’s monthly gross income.
    • After moving into the house, the partner family is responsible for all mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities and household and maintenance expenses.
    • To meet Revenue Canada requirements, Habitat reviews the partner family’s income annually and adjusts mortgage payments, if necessary.
  3. Willingness to partner:
    • Habitat works closely with each partner family throughout the selection process, during construction, and for at least six months after the family moves into the house.
    • A partner family demonstrates its willingness to partner with Habitat by completing the required 500 hours of sweat equity (volunteer work & construction labour), working alongside other volunteers and qualified trades people, helping to build their own house and other Habitat houses, and working on related Habitat projects.

How to qualify: Renew-It

ReNew-It serves low-income homeowners in need of repairs that address:

  • health & safety
  • energy efficiency
  • accessibility

All of the following criteria must be met in order to qualify for the program and move forward in the application process. 

The homeowner(s) must:

  1. Have a total household gross income that falls within one of the following brackets AND family size:
    • 2 people: $26,748 – $38,185
    • 3 people: $32,888 – $46,362
    • 4 people: $39,926 – $52,583
    • 5 people: $45,282 – $59,304
    • 6 people: $51,073 – $66,02
  2. Have had ownership of the house for a minimum of 5 years
  3. Remain in the home for the duration of the loan
  4. Have an acceptable credit report
  5. Not have previously benefited from Habitat’s homeownership or repair program
  6. Be willing to partner with Habitat through volunteer hours and recruiting volunteers for the project
  7. Provide proof of paid current property taxes and house insurance

Selection Process

In addition, they will also need to demonstrate their need for the program, their ability to pay a no-interest loan and their willingness to partner with Habitat through volunteer work on their project.

Financial Parameters

  • Monthly payments of the interest-free loan will be based on the gross household income of the applicant(s)
  • Maximum loan amounts will be the lesser amount of $10,000 or 10% of the house’s market value
  • Loan terms will be no more than 4 months (7 years)

Habitat for Humanity Moncton will provide a warranty for the work complete for 1 year or the duration of the loan, whichever is shorter.

Project Examples

    • Install of NB Power energy efficiency kits
    • Draft proofing
    • Mechanical & electrical work
    • Exterior caulking
    • Siding and trim repairs or replacement
    • Exterior deck, stairs & ramp repair
    • Exterior door work-locksets, weatherstripping, etc.
    • Roof repairs or replacement
    • Window replacement
    • Exterior deck or stair replacement
    • Build a new ramp
    • Increase accessibility inside the house

Habitat for Humanity Moncton will provide a warranty for the work complete for 1 year or the duration of the loan, whichever is shorter.

Start the Application Process

There are 5 steps to the application process:
1. Expression of interest (pre-qualifying questionnaire)
2. Full application with supporting documentation
3. Home visit / Home inspection and housing committee’s project review and selection
4. Family partnership committee application review and selection
5. Final approval from committees or the board of directors if required

To begin the application process, we first require you to submit our Expression of Interest form, below.

For additional information, please contact:
Rhonda McKinley, Executive Assistant