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The ReStore       

Appliances     Construction     Furniture     Bathroom     Doors     Etc.    

What can I expect to find?
You can expect things like: windows, doors, paint, hardware, lumber, tools, lighting fixtures and even the kitchen sink!  Items are donated daily so each trip will bring you something new!  For the do-it-yourselfer, the ReStore is the first place to visit for inexpensive renovations.

What materials can I donate?
You can donate reusable building materials such as the items listed above. Donations are accepted daily at any one of our 58 ReStores across the country, so instead of throwing your old tools and materials in the garbage, call your local ReStore to find out if your materials can be used somewhere else! If you are unable to fit larger items into your car or truck, the ReStore will arrange a time to come and pick the items up directly from your home free of charge.

Retailers and manufacturers can donate end-of-line, scratch-and-dent, discontinued inventory, paint mis-tint and customer returns to their closest ReStore and avoid the cost of returning them to the manufacturer.

Can I Volunteer ar a ReStore?

Volunteers are an integral part of our ReStores' success!  Consider volunteering at our local ReStore, and help fund building in the Moncton area. 
If you'd like to volunteer or to simply discuss the possibility, please contact Terry Keating at our affiliate office, 175 Barker Street, via telephone @ 506.384.4663 ot by email @